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Strength, flexibility and lightness are the characteristics required of rubber parts intended for industrial components, which can be used individually or in units.

Our company is specialized in the production of technical rubber parts primarily based on customer drawings.

Our rubber seals can be "customized" according to various industrial specifications through the appropriate formulation of the compounds to meet the multiple needs in terms of resistance, dynamic properties, elasticity, etc.

Our production lines include flexible seals, diaphragms, bellows, hoses, components for heat exchangers, and various types of rubber products for highly specialized applications. We also produce composite components in rubber-metal (aluminum, brass, iron/steel), in rubber-plastic and rubber-fabric, usable in many sectors.

We produce components such as gaskets and O-rings, seals, functional diaphrams, as well as external protection elements (bellows, gaiters, connecting tubes, dampers, diaphrams).